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National Smile Month will Celebrate its 38th Anniversary this YearNational Smile Month will celebrate its 38th anniversary this year. This annual event is meant to encourage good oral health among people of the UK of all ages. As a leading retailer and wholesaler of teeth whitening kits, understands the importance of promoting good oral health, and we wanted to take the time to spread the word about National Smile Month to our customers.

 About National Smile Month

The British Dental Health Foundation sponsor National Smile Month, which runs from May 19 to June 19. 2014 will mark the 38th observance of the event. Throughout the month, more than 3,000 dental practices and organisations throughout the UK will offer special programs and events to spread the word about the importance of good oral health. The event reaches more than 50 million people and makes a profound impact on both adults and children who hear its messages. The symbol for National Smile Month is a pearly white grin with two ruby red lips. You’ll see the symbol at many dentists’ offices and smile clinics throughout the month to show support for the event.

Good Oral Health Year-Round

National Smile Month emphasises the importance of good oral health, not just for the 30 days of the event, but on an on-going basis. The purpose of the event is to teach adults and kids the three most important things that anyone can do to have healthy teeth and gums. They are:

- Brushing daily. The British Dental Health Foundation recommends that you brush twice per day for 2 minutes at a time, always using toothpaste that contains fluoride. Brushing is also important if you plan to perform teeth whitening at home, as cleaner teeth respond better to teeth whitening gel.

- Eating smart. Reducing your intake of sugary foods and drinks will help to protect your teeth from decay. To maintain the results of teeth whitening kits, you should also limit your intake of coffee, tea and red wine.

- Seeing a dentist. You should visit your dentist as often as he or she recommends for a cleaning and exam to maintain good oral health.

How to Participate

You can get involved with National Smile Month simply by committing to a healthy daily oral hygiene routine and telling your friends and family about the event both in conversation and through social media. If you’re one of our teeth whitening gel wholesale dental clients, you can hold a number of events like brush-a-thons, open houses and raffles to help publicise National Smile Month. Visiting local schools to discuss the importance of good oral health is another great way to get involved.

If thinking about National Smile Month has made you consider the appearance of your teeth, you can make the period from May 19 to June 19 a whiter smile month for yourself. By using one of our teeth whitening kits, you can safely perform teeth whitening at home and have a whiter, more attractive smile to show off for the rest of the year.

National Smile Month will Celebrate its 38th Anniversary this Year