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Time HealsWhen it comes to getting over a broken heart there are a lot clichés that people use. Some of these well meaning “friends” don’t realize that their relationship advice is not helpful and borders on being unkind.. When you are already hurting the last thing that you want to think about is healing.

The one thing that it is important to remember is that you may have lost this relationship, but you are still you. Circumstances may have changed, but that’s what life is all about. Start getting over a broken heart by taking care of the rest of you. Enjoy the down time. Think about maybe updating your hairstyle or losing some weight. Not only do these types of things help you feel better and look better, but they help you remember that you are a person that existed before your relationship and will survive and live beyond it.

While you are sitting in the chair, getting a massage, while getting a pedicure is the perfect time to think about the mistakes you might have made and what you will do differently next time. You can also think about the relationship advice that you have been given and how much of it will really help you. How much is valid and how much is not.

Getting over a broken heart can be difficult, but you are strong, beautiful, and capable and therefore with a little time for you to heal, you will soon find yourself looking more beautiful. You will not only be able to sport a slimmer you with a new hairdo and pretty toes, you will have taken your time in getting over a broken heart and sorted through everyone’s well meaning relationship advice and will be able to start anew and be even better than you were before.

Time heals everything……… with a lot of hard work.

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Time Heals