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Basic Relationship ProblemsRelationships are essential for normal life, but, as you know, they don’t come without problems. Relationship problems from time to time may occur even in the closest friendship. It is therefore important to know what they are and how to overcome them. There are many problems in relationships, but they all come down to two main ones, which are nicely described in the article “Two Basic Relationship Problems” on the Lifeoptimizer website that gives interesting relationship advice.

1. Misunderstanding

Misunderstanding is the first of the most common relationship problems. Sometimes your friends misunderstand your words and actions, or the other way around. Such problems can be solved very quickly, opening the way to the solution of more serious relationship problems.

Misunderstanding usually happens due to a lack of communication. You can spend a lot of time with your friend, but if the quality of communication is low, there is a risk of misunderstanding.

This problem can also occur if you and your friend don’t communicate often enough. Both sides may be busy, so they can not tell each other what they need, or what they want. As a result, it can also lead to misunderstanding.

2. Selfishness

Another common problem in the relationship is selfishness. Perhaps each side understands what the other party needs, but one of them or both are not willing to give, preferring to keep things to himself.

In this case, lack of understanding is replaced by lack of action. The desire to be understood and at the unwillingness to understand is a form of selfishness.

These two major problems in a relationship are caused by many others. Selfishness often forces you to be superficial. You want someone to meet your expectations and blame them if they do not. Misunderstanding can cause anger. You may think that your friend was intentionally making you feel bad, even if it is not true.

These two relationship problems may seem simple, but in order to get rid of them, you will need to make serious efforts. The search for their solutions may take many years or even a lifetime. First you must understand them, because you can not win a war without knowing the enemy. Hope this relationship advice was useful.

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Basic Relationship Problems