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Stay Natural With Your Make UpCosmetics help us to put our beautiful faces forward and stress the beauty we are gifted with. But wearing too much make up or applying it incorrectly can have the opposite effect.

Here are several tips that can help you to have a nice makeup not losing the natural you shine through.

It is difficult to understand whether you are wearing too much makeup, because it is something you are wearing for yourself. If your natural face loses its shine without makeup, then you should reduce the amount. If you decide to do that, take it slow, especially when you feel more confident with your daily makeup application. Go lightly on the eyeliner for a week or two until you get accustomed to the way you look. Very soon you will be fond of your light makeup.

When your skin is healthy you may feel as though you do not need much makeup. So your first challenge is achieving natural and healthy skin. When your skin is healthy you may even hesitate before putting on any foundation at all, even if you are accustomed to wearing it every day.

To increase your skin’s natural glow, drink a lot of water. It will help your skin to retain moisture and elasticity. Also use moisturizers both on your face and neck. Moisturizing skin is one of the most important factors for glowing skin.

Try to use powder alone, without any foundation. Today mineral foundations are available on the market that are really worth trying. They provide a more transparent coverage. The look of your natural skin will not be masked.

In your daily makeup, simply use a light eyeliner and neutral shadow. Use light colors for your lips, too. A delicate and indistinct shade will do. It helps your face define its natural contour. For parties and other special occasions use darker shades and gem-hued colors in your makeup.

In most cosmetics’ department stores you can get good advice from consultants or makeup artists. They can surely help you to accentuate your positive features with the right makeup.

Follow the above-mentioned tips, and always remember that there is nothing more beautiful than your natural face. Let your facial skin breathe. Cosmetics makeup must never stand in your healthy skin’s way.

Photo: © Kristina Dulevich

Stay Natural With Your Make Up