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Makeup Tips For BrunettesIf you’re blessed to be a brunette you’ll have no problems choosing a makeup. You can work with different shades and colors in order to stress your assets and conceal certain defects. The following makeup tips will help you to look your best.

Makeup Tips For BrunettesLet’s start with foundation. It’s a base of the makeup so be careful with selecting foundation. Brunettes are usually advised to choose yellow, golden, light brown and cooper shades. But remember, your foundation must match your skin tone. So don’t buy foundation when in a hurry, you must have time to test it on your skin.

Makeup Tips For BrunettesWhen it comes to a lip color, choose warmer and darker shades like brown, tawny, red, bronze and other bold colors. For the nighttime terracotta, matte wines and vibrant red will accentuate your lips. For daytime or when it’s necessary to have a natural look, put on lip-glosses. Get rid of pale lip color, pale pastel tones aren’t for brunettes. Better use golden pink, fuchsia, shimmering mocha, plum and berry shades instead.

Makeup Tips For BrunettesNow let’s consider makeup tips for eyes. Use dark eyeliner in order to make your eyes more prominent. As for eye shadow the choice is rich, both light and dark shades can work. Brunettes with light skin tone can choose light brown shades with peach or pink tones. Shades of lavender and violet will stress your eyes. Deep blue, smoky grey and golden shades will make your eyes attractive.

Makeup Tips For BrunettesBlush is a must for brunettes, as pale cheeks can be disastrous for your look. If you have light skin complexion select pink color for blush. You’d better stick to brown shades, if your skin is dark. Remember to apply bronzer before blush. Bronzer is a brunette’s best friend, as it makes your skin look tanned.

Makeup Tips For BrunettesBrunettes are free to choose any color they like. Just keep in mind that a key to gorgeous look is a proper balance between dark hair and warm makeup. Otherwise you can have a washed out face or a vulgar look.

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Makeup Tips For Brunettes