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Use The Right Make Up TechniquesEvery woman in the world wants to look and feel beautiful, so it goes without saying that cosmetics play a great role. As it is said, almost every woman looks beautiful and feels confident with the help of excellent make-up.

If you are invited to a party and want to be the center of attention, follow these makeup techniques.

First of all, apply ice on your face, then hide the imperfections or scars with the help of a concealer. In order to have smooth skin apply a light base on your face and neck. Then apply oil-free moisturizing cream with shimmer dust to give you a face with shine. If you want to have a sensual look then smokey eyes are what you need.

Eyeshadow makeup is essential. First of all try to use the right colors. For instance, blue eyes need black, purple, gray or dark blue eye shadows. Green eyes look stunning with deep khaki, purple, dark green or brown eye shadows. For brown eyes, copper, coffee and brown shades are ideal.

After the eye shadow apply two or three coats of mascara but avoid clumping.  The color of the lip liner should match the lipstick color. Never use dark lip liner, because when your lipstick fades you will be left with the outline showing.

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Use The Right Make Up Techniques