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Allure Everyone With Your Make UpIn ancient times make-up was used for frightening the enemies. But nowadays it is used for emphasizing our beauty and charm.

Over the ages women put their lives at risk using homemade cosmetics for improving their appearance. They used burnt matches for darkening their eyes, berries instead of lipsticks and for refreshing facial skin and fading wrinkles they used young boys’ urine.

Nowadays women do not have to waste time on concocting their make-up. They can make their choice among the boundless variety of make-up cosmetics, that different companies produce.

The basic make-up types are everyday and stage make-up.

Everyday make-up is usually light. Not many cosmetics are used here. The coverage won’t be very noticeable, but sheer and soft. For making light make-up a bit more noticeable, some powder may be added. If you have some problems or imperfections on your skin, you may apply heavy make-up. The heavy coverage will cover the imperfections that trouble you, making your skin look smooth. But here you should be careful, and make the right choice of tone. Make sure that it really matches your skin tone.

Stage make-up differs from everyday make-up. Unlike everyday make-up, stage-make up is very bright and vivid. It can be noticed even from a far distance. It remains much longer than everyday make-up. Stage make-up has two main types: it can be an oil-based cream or water-based.

Oil-based make-up is resistant. It does not come off with perspiration. It is an essential feature, as this make-up is mostly meant for actors.

Water-based make-up does not dry. And when used alone, this make-up may melt and cause inconveniences. Water-based make-up was originally used for the body, but later on its usage became acceptable for the face as well.

Allure Everyone With Your Make UpFor having a nice appearance we use different types of make-up cosmetics. Creams and powders are used for toning the skin. Lip liners and lipsticks make lips more defined and beautiful. Eye-shadows, eyeliners and mascaras emphasize the beauty and expressiveness of the eyes. Blushers add warmth and emphasize the contours of the face.

So, pick the cosmetics and colors that suit you, and persuade others to admire your beauty.

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Photo: © annia316

Allure Everyone With Your Make Up