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Lip Injection: Get The Lips You DesireAre you dissatisfied with the way your lips look? Then try a lip injection — it will give you those beautiful full lips everyone is dreaming of.

Lip injection is a procedure used to increase the volume of your lips. The surgeon fills your lips with a soft substance, generally collagen or fat. It gives temporary results, but you can repeat the procedure whenever you want. Lip injection is the least painful and most convenient type of lip augmentation.

The most popular form of lip injection is a collagen injection. Collagen is extracted from cow skin and purified. If you are sensitive towards collagen, it may cause an allergic reaction. A special test will be performed before the operation, to find out whether collagen injection suits you or not.

The body absorbs collagen after a while, which is why its effect is temporary. It lasts about three months.

Fat injection uses the fat from your own body, generally from your abdomen. It has an advantage over collagen in that you won’t have an allergic reaction. The result is also temporary.

Collagen extracted from your own body, known as Autologen, is another type. It is extracted from your skin removed in a facelift. An Autologen injection has no risk of an allergic reaction. It has a long-lasting effect.

Dermalogen is collagen extracted from a donor’s skin. It has the same effect as Autologen, but may cause an allergic reaction.

Lip injection is painless, because topical anesthesia is used. You will completely recover in two days after the operation. You may feel discomfort for a couple of days, like swelling and pricking.

Before the lip injection consult your surgeon to find out whether the result you desire is achievable. Find out exactly what you want and tell your surgeon, so that you are satisfied with the result of the operation.

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Lip Injection: Get The Lips You Desire