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Spring 2014 has come and already gone, but there are still plenty of great  beauty products to try. Among the many great products out there, it can be hard to decide what the best facial products are and to choose the best ones. Not to worry, though, because we have picked three of the best Spring and Summer products for the face. Take a look at them.

Facial Care For Summer 2014

CC Primer

Last year BBs and CCs were all the rage. Everybody just had to have them. Though, the frenzy has died down some, they are still popular.  This season, brands are finding new ways to incorporate more products into one product. Almay is just one such company that will be launching its luminizing CC primer.

The CC primer goes with Almay’s Smart Shade collection, helping to correct dull or gray skin so that it has a more even, glowing complexion. The pinkish toned product works to make skin tone discolorations more even. It goes on before foundation to help even out the areas that even foundation has a hard time fixing. However, it can even be used alone if skin just needs a little touch up. Expect to pay about $11 Almay Smart Shade CC Luminous Primer.

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream

Anyone that studies geography or plants in depth will know that some plants on Earth can survive and even thrive under conditions hardly any man prefers to attempt survival in. One such place is the Swiss Alps where, surrounded by ice and snow more often than not, the purple saxifrage and the alpine snowball thrive.

Scientists at La Prairie began thinking that plants capable of surviving in such harsh conditions might also be beneficial for helping human skin cells to thrive under harsh conditions, too. Everyday the skin is bombarded with pollution, sunlight, and other particles that can and do damage skin cells. But, after plenty of research and development, the La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream is here and ready for consumers to try. At $300, let’s hope the price of beauty is worth it.

Facial Care For Summer 2014

Skin Regeneration Mask

Spring and Summer months are not the months in the year to forget to take care of the neck as well as the face. One of the new products out this Spring to help take care of that area is the Skin Regenerating Face Mask by Kaurna. This serum aids with the reduction of redness, inflammation, dehydration and smoothness of the skin. And, the best part is that it is a biodegradable gel so it will stick to the skin without moving about the way other masks do. Plus, less mess is left behind. Expect to pay about $56 for this particular product.

Facial Care For Summer 2014