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Cool Tattoo Designs: Wing TattoosOnce upon a time, tattoos had a tough, bad-boy/bad-girl reputation. Even today, having a visible tattoo can wreck your chances of landing certain kinds of jobs. Yet some people now use a large body art tattoo to seem more angelic. Some seriously cool tattoo designs feature angel wings across the back, almost as though the wearer herself had really become winged.

Most people who pick large wing designs are women, particularly those who choose butterfly or fairy wings. Bird wings are also popular, and apparently many people claim to be able to tell the difference between bird and angel wings. It seems to be that an angel could come with many different kinds of wings, so I think anything with feathers could be either.

Cool Tattoo Designs: Wing TattoosSmaller wing designs, perhaps over the heart, or on the ankles like the Greek god, Hermes, are gaining popularity with both sexes. Other variations include tattered wings, highly stylized wings, or gargoyle wings.

Generally, wing designs have no symbolic meanings other than the obvious ones (birds symbolize flight, angels symbolize spirituality), or the meanings are specific to the person with the tattoo. That doesn’t mean they are just cool tattoo designs meant to look pretty; for most people they’re probably very symbolic. But the meaning of the symbol is either obvious so you don’t have to look it up, or so personal that looking it up wouldn’t do any good.

Cool Tattoo Designs: Wing TattoosWings can also be combined with other symbols; a body art tattoo that features, for example, wings plus a heart, or wings plus a motorcycle wheel, could have entirely different meanings from wings alone, though again these could be either very clear or very personal. A winged motorcycle wheel is, big surprise, a biker symbol, and carries associations with the freedom and speed of the open road.

I’ll tell you my idea; why not get tattoos of the wings of specific birds? You could get an osprey, for example, or a ruby-throated hummingbird. Or, with insects you could choose a pipe-vine swallow-tail, or one particular species of dragon-fly. Make it as perfect as an illustration from a good field-guide. To the world you’ll be saying you savor your freedom, or identify with nature, or some other generic message, but what that species means is between you and your tattoo. And, if you ever meet anyone sufficiently geeky to recognize the species, you’ll know right off the bat that the two of you have something in common. Now those would be such cool tattoo designs!

Cool Tattoo Designs: Wing TattoosPhoto ©  David Schexnaydre, Kr. B., zimbio,  Outdated Productions

Cool Tattoo Designs: Wing Tattoos
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