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Ankle TattoosThe neat thing about a body art tattoo on the ankle is that they have the same delicate, cute look as an anklet or a strappy sandal. They look good with sandals, too. They’re easy to hide, both with socks and with the general inconspicuousness of feet, but they’re not hard to call attention to, either, when you want someone to look at your feet, as anyone who’s ever cared about shoes knows. Ankles also have the advantage of being small, so you can fill the space well with a small, and therefor relatively cheap, design. Some people recommend ankle tattoos as first tattoos, since they’re cheap, small, and inconspicuous, though reportedly they do hurt a lot. Ankles are bony places, and it can also be difficult to keep the area clean and protected while the tattoo is healing, since it’s hard to avoid using your ankle when you walk around. Not surprisingly, ankle tattoos, like anklets and strappy sandals, are mostly found on women.

Ankle TattoosSo, I’d like to issue a challenge. Let’s see what really cool tattoo designs we can think of for male ankles. After all, at one time any body art tattoo was considered scandalous, so it’s not like the art form isn’t capable of change.

There are two ways we can go, here. One is to just put traditional ankle tattoos on men. Some guys just are feminine, to one degree or another, and if such a guy is bold enough to put pink hearts and unicorns on his ankles, I say more power to him. The other option is to think up masculine ankle designs, but please, let’s not take refuge in overly violent imagery, ok? While violent tattoos are not particularly feminine, let’s be a little more complimentary about what manhood is. What springs to mind immediately is a snake, meant to invoke the Biblical line about the serpent wounding the man’s heel, though the man crushes the serpent’s head.

Ankle TattoosSure, there are some people who will say there is no way an ankle body art tattoo can look masculine, but maybe such people don’t know any truly manly guys? After all, if a guy’s really masculine, he could be wearing a pink frilly dress and he might look stupid, but he won’t look like any less of a man. Guys can look good in ankle tattoos, as long as they’re cool tattoo designs.

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Ankle Tattoos