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I’ve decided to gather here the best Flickr make-up photos in 5 nominations–best everyday make-up, best evening make-up, best exotic, best original make-up and best color match. So here they are!

Top 5 Flickr Makeup Photos
Best everyday make-up

This make-up is perfect for a business woman who works every day and needs to look brilliant all the time. She meets people and has to leave a serious and at the same time gorgeous impression on them.

This type of make-up is not difficult to do, and it doesn’t take much time. The most important and irreplaceable detail is the base: without it your face will look tired and not fresh in the mornings.

Light black shade upon the eyelids will stress your eyes. Red lipstick will add up color to the actually pale palette.

Top 5 Flickr Makeup PhotosBest evening make-up

This make-up is perfect for a night out. In the evening it is more tactical to emphasize your eyes with a darker shade than during the day.

Pale, nearly skin-colored lips are a must; wearing both bright eyes and bright lips is a “mauve tone” for the make-up aesthetics. If the skin around your eyes looks tired and a little bit swollen in the morning, in the evening this problem usually doesn’t occur, and accentuating the eyes will only do you good.

Pale lipstick has another advantage–when you’re out, you usually drink, and lipstick gets washed away immediately. So if its color is dark and bright, you will have to refresh your lips more often than in the case of a lighter one, the effect of which stays longer.

Top 5 Flickr Makeup PhotosBest exotic make-up

Whatever it is–a thematic party, a beach party or just a wish to have a perfect summer makeup–this style is perfect for an unusual and extremely romantic look.

You need some practice to be able to apply this kind of eye make-up, but it is not as difficult as it seems to be at first sight: the only secret is layering the colors. Don’t forget that you have to match your whole style with this makeup–not on the contrary. Hair should be let down and the clothes should match one of the colors used on your eyes.

Note, don’t exaggerate with the quantity of colors, otherwise you will face the danger of looking like a parrot.

Top 5 Flickr Makeup PhotosBest original make-up

If you wear this kind of make-up you will look like a fairy from a magical tale.

This kind of make-up is simple to apply and it looks very effective. The base and the blush color should be very natural, a little bit brownish. The only “real” color on your face will be the light golden shade on the eyelids and the golden powder on your eyelashes and eyebrows.

To make the powder stay longer, just apply transparent water-like mascara both on your eyelashes and eyebrows, and only then put on some “magical” powder.

Top 5 Flickr Makeup PhotosBest color match

If you have an interesting eye-color, the best way to accentuate it is to match the eye-shadow with it.

Choose the set of the right shades carefully and apply them mainly with the effect of smokey eyes.

This type of eye make-up surrounds your eye and visually makes it bigger an longer. And the bright eyeshadow will make your eyes look brighter and more charming.

Photo ©jepoycamboy, jepoycamboy, SunnyGZ, shesarii, dreamglow pumpkincat210

Top 5 Flickr Makeup Photos
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