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Hairdressers, Beauticians Forced Underground In IraqHairdressers in Iraq have been forced underground due to violent attacks on beauty salons by Moslem extremists. The Global Report From Down Under reports that besides beauty salons, militants have also targeted liquor stores and barber shops.

Hardline Muslim extremists who believe it is sinful for women to flaunt their beauty in public have forced many beauticians to move their trade underground. The extremists began blowing up salons roughly two years ago. Since then, they have killed several stylists and bullied others into putting down their scissors and makeup brushes for good, all in an effort to stamp out what they view as the corrupting spread of Western culture.

According to Pat Dollard, the latest attack on a salon was on 13 December in the city of Mosul northwest of the capital. Gunmen stormed the home of a woman who was running a beauty parlor out of one room.

Despite this, however, Have you heard about Iraq Time Tables says that beauticians and women alike are resilient.

To those outside of Iraq, the prospect of being killed just for frequenting a hair salon might seem a convincing reason not to go. But despite being targeted by militants, stylists say women here still want to look good – and stylish. Refusing to get a haircut or having their makeup done would be giving in to the violence and despair surrounding them.

It isn’t known how many secret salons exist in Iraq, but many women work on clients at home. Such “underground arrangements” cut into profits because the beauticians can easily deal with women they already know.

Photo: © jisc_infonet

Hairdressers, Beauticians Forced Underground In Iraq
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    Its a shame they have to go underground to perfom their hairdressing jobs. We don’t know how lucky we are over here.