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Best Cologne for Men

There is nothing better than a man with a style. And what is better way to see a man’s style than through his choice of cologne? There are so many colonge on the market, it is hard to say which one is the best, which is the best cologne for men 2014, because this year is only at the beginning. Due to the classics we all love, we are here offering you two classic cologne, worn especially by men with stlye or by men who want to become gentlemen. This classics are on the market for some times, few decades and they still have so much to offer.

Acqua di Gio

Giorgio Armani has made a masterpiece in the bottle when he has launched this unique cologne on the market in 1996. In 2014 it is still at the top of the best selling colognes. It is the cologne you just can’t ignore. It is a cologne worn by many people, but nevertheless it stil has the ability to amaze everybody. It has ingredients like Calabrian bergamot, neroli or green tangerine which are mixed in perfect amount so they work together as the mighty Acqua di Gio. If someone wants to represent itself as sleek and confident man, choosing this cologne is an excellent first step. People are loving it for 20 years now, for a good reason.


Fahrenheit is another classic launched by Christian Dior in 1988, it is even older than the Acqua di Gio, by Giorgio Armani. It is flowery fragrance but manly enough for men to wear it every day all day long. It has violet, nutmeg, musk, lavender and it has leathery smell. What makes this cologne so special is that it can remind you of one thing , but the other person of somtehing else. For example, many people say it reminds them to the smell of motor oil, but other can’t sense that. Wherever you’ll go if you have this cologne you will be noticed and you will make a good impression. Since the year is still at the beginning, for now we will name Farhrenheit as one of the best quality cologne for men, for its smell, popularity and durability.

Best Cologne for Men