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Spring is definitely in the air – finally!  It seemed as if this stubborn Winter never wanted to end, but alas, the flowers are finally in bloom and the days are beautiful. Nicer weather, though, goes hand in hand with wanting to look beautiful. So, for all the ladies out there looking for the hottest new Spring beauty products, some of these might be worth your time and money to try.

3 Hot New Beauty Products for Spring 2014

Scented Nail Polish

Who would have guessed that scented nail polish would make a comeback? But, it did. The catch is that this time the fruity smells of the early ‘90s have been replaced with more sophisticated smells more akin to perfume. And, there is more than one company launching their new scented nail polish lines. Take, for instance, StrangeBeautiful’s violet and leather  scented topcoat or Revlon’s line called Parfumerie Nail Enamel that comes in 24 different scented shades. Expect to pay around $6 for Revlon’s new enamel.

Face Peels for Dummies

Oh, how those face peels can be tricky, leaving behind nasty chemical burns if not done right or irritating redness. Not to worry, though, because Bare Essentials has created a seven day formula that makes it easy for anyone to do. The first day is for preparing the skin. The days that follow use different chemical formulas so that the skin goes from prep to exfoliation to a complete peel in seven days. Plus, there is an added benefit of vitamins and minerals delivered to the skin. Consider this product for a brighter complexion this Spring.

3 Hot New Beauty Products for Spring 2014

The No-Shampoo Shampoo

When a product like Wen hits the shelves, it is only natural that more products like it should follow. The famous non-shampoo works on the premise that shampoos and conditioners actually make the hair worse and strip away the natural vitamins and minerals that make the hair healthy.

Now, other brands like Purely Perfect have come up with a similar product. No longer is there a need for shampoo or conditioner. No more need to put things like sulfates or detergents on your hair. Instead use Wen or Purely Perfect cleansing foam to clean your hair for you without leaving behind any unhealthy hair or shine dulling residue. Purely Perfect retails for about $40.

3 Hot New Beauty Products for Spring 2014

3 Hot New Beauty Products for Spring 2014