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Anti Aging Beauty Serum From La Mer   Hydrating InfusionLa Mer has recently introduced Hydrating Infusion to help you to recover the softness and suppleness of your skin. This product contains nourishing vitamins and minerals which soften your skin.

Hydrating Infusion is designed to work with Creme de La Mer to achieve optimum results. If you use these two beauty skin care products together that is, you will surely be avoiding early aging.

Hydrating Infusion is quite rich in natural minerals in comparison with other skin care natural products, such as iron, manganese, copper, Vitamins C, B5, B12 and magnesium. This mixture tightens your skin’s outer layer and makes it look more healthy and vibrant.

Hydrating Infusion’s texture is serum-like, but when you apply it, its texture transforms and becomes watery. The so-called “gel network” lays aside the fatal ingredients in the formula, activating only when the skin needs them, according to the skin’s pH and temperature.

When the skin has already gained enough moisture, Hydrating Sea Ferments supply your skin with additional protection. Nutrient rich sea plants from several countries (Japan, Indonesia, France and the United States) enter into a careful bio-fermentation process allowing the ingredients to reach their peak and realize their moisturizing ferment.

Tery Cosenzi, publisher for, says:

This infusion was made primarily to be used with Creme de La Mer, and by using it with it, of course, optimal benefits will be seen as the visible signs of aging are reversed. I have been using them both for a few weeks now and my skin is definitely softer, firmer, and looks virtually creaseless. But I do think if you have a favorite moisturizer already, the Hydrating Infusion will help to make the ingredients in that work better as well.

This new Hydrating Infusion from La Mer is already available at $105 through Those who have tried it are quite madly raving about it. Buy it yourself to see what the buzz is about and you just might be raving to your friends about it yourself.

Anti Aging Beauty Serum From La Mer   Hydrating Infusion
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    Nice article.

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    Anti Aging Cream puts itself out there as an ‘all-in-one’ anti aging treatment that works to reduce wrinkles, firm and moisturize your skin, reduce age-spots and eye wrinkles, and even plump lips while acting as the perfect makeup base.